The Most Innovative Sex Doll Torso Options from SIGAFUN

Prior to Sigafun Doll ordering, it is imperative to receive pertinent product information.

Our Sigafun Sex doll torso come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match your unique tastes. Popular options include torso features like expansive hips, curvaceous busts, and lifelike facial features. With our customizable options, you can individually select every physical feature of your torso to create the perfect companion.


Sigafun Monica SG-T-003

Meet Monica, Sigafun's SG-T-003 life size sex doll with a body that moves and flexes like a human. Her jointed joints give you the opportunity to discover multiple exhilarating positions, increasing your delight. Uncover the power of limitless pleasure!

Sigafun SG-T-003 Monica is an intricate design that offers an array of options for enjoyment. Enjoy the lifelike feeling of the vibrant anus and labia textures and be tantalized with each use. Explore different levels of pleasure and be ready to experience something new. Supreme silicone craftsmanship makes Monica SG-T-003 exceedingly luxe, with a softness and wetness that mimics reality. Ready to experience unparalleled pleasure?

Sigafun Monica SG-T-003

Sigafun Rebecca SG-T-004

Sigafun torso Rebecca offers an incredibly lifelike experience. Boasting realistic skin texture and a pair of soft, bouncy breasts, SG-T-004 is crafted with top-grade silicone for maximum pleasure. Indulge in her curves and explore the joys of a beautiful woman - Rebecca's erogenous labia and particle vagina are designed for maximum comfort. Plunge into her tight suction to uncover higher pleasure levels! Revel in the tactile sensations of her realism, and unlock the thrills of an intimate session. With Rebecca’s lifelike bouncing breasts, it's time to satisfy your wildest fantasies!

Sigafun Doll

Sigafun torso features voluptuous legs and buttocks designed to facilitate doggy style, missionary, and other supported positions. All forms have curved lines for ergonomic support.

Sigafun Doll Skin Color

Sigafun silicone torso is offered in five colors: natural, tanned, dark tanned, and black.

Sigafun Private Part Color & Size

The Sigafun silicone sex doll torso features a permanent body painting that allows for customization of the areola and vagina. An option of fixed and removable vaginas are provided, yet once the order is processed, the colour and vagina cannot be changed.

Sigafun Torso Vagina Internal Texture and Softness

The opt design features five distinct inner structures, each providing customizable levels of softness for penetrable tunnels. Sigafun team is available to provide personalized service.

Sigafun also offer heads and torsos for both genders. To stay informed on upcoming releases, please leave a message in the lower right corner. Sigafun is always ready to help.


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