Sigafun Big Butts & Boobacious Gel Breasts: Wow!

Customizing the squishiness of breasts and buttocks has become a popular feature among sex doll torso enthusiasts. The gel-filled parts create a more lifelike experience. This blog explores the most commonly asked questions about the Sigafun gel-filled option.

Sigafun Torso

Can I Customize the Softness of Sigafun Gel Breasts/Butt?

Yes. Sigafun Torso have the standard and softer versions for both silicone and TPE sex doll torsos.


What Do’s and Don’ts About Sigafun Gel Breasts and Buttocks? How Should I Avoid the Gel Part be Flatten?

Many consumers appreciate the malleable, bouncy texture of the Sigafun Sexdoll, but need advice on how to properly care for it. Here, we discuss helpful precautions to keep the gel component in optimal condition.

The most effective method to preserve the gel parts is by suspending the torso upside down; this way, both the gel breasts and buttocks are kept in shape.

Do not sleep on her stomach if she has gel breasts.

Gently handle the gel part, particularly if using the softer gel option, to avoid damaging it. Avoid contact with sharp objects such as knives, forks, and scissors.

Will Shipping Damage the Sigafun Gel Butt?

Due to the requirement that the torso remains in a flat position during transit, prolonged shipping via train or ship may cause harm to the gel butt.

Sigafun foam-infused lifting technology safeguards the gel butt structure during transit, safeguarding upwards of 95% of shipments from contortion and warping. Furthermore, Sigafun torso solid and standard gel butt offers increased shape retention when laid flat.

Sigafun Gel Butt

Any Shortcomings of Sigafun Gel Butt?

The Sigafun doll gel butt does not provide as aesthetically pleasing results as a solid butt when posing for photographs. For a model-level appearance, a solid butt is preferable.

The Sigafun softer gel butt offers a plush feel, yet when sitting, there may be an awkward delineation between the butt and thigh, similar to a roll of fat.


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