Sigafun Showcased at the 25th Guangzhou Adult Culture Expo.

From November 3rd to the 5th, the 25th National (Guangzhou) Adult Culture Expo 2023 will be hosted in Guangzhou with grandeur. Sigafun company will exhibit three major brands— Irontech Doll, Sigafun, and Real Lady, along with an array of popular items. Our aim is to show customers an international, vibrant, reliable, and varied selection of products, side by side with global brands. The expo signifies a professional exhibit of "outlooks" and a robust demonstration of our robust technological infrastructure and remarkable creativity to customers worldwide.

Best Sex Doll Torso - Sigafun

Sub-brand Sigafun specializes in silicone sex doll torsos, and has been created after expansive research and development. It was warmly welcomed by channel partners and customers from numerous nations in past expos. At this exhibition, Sigafun will exhibit its silicone sex doll torso and other products, giving potential customers the possibility to closely observe the life-like details. Likewise, the newly enhanced vaginal clamp and suction function will be on display.


Flagship Sex Doll Brand - Irontech Doll

Sigafun Torso

Irontech Doll, our flagship brand, has achieved remarkable success in foreign exports with its premier quality, body/head design combinations, and superb craftsmanship. With a robust presence across global e-commerce sites, it evokes a strong following worldwide. Moreover, at the exhibition, one can personally explore and discover the right love through our line-up of highly acclaimed love dolls and a range of skin tones including natural, tanned, dark tanned and black.

Irontech Doll is expanding their range of products with the addition of upgraded series dolls with TPE body painting, male dolls, silicone bodies in sizes 163cm, 167cm, and 169cm and the ROS head with oral function. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the technical advancements and exceptional craftsmanship that Irontech Doll has to offer.

Premium Love Doll Brand - Real Lady

Real Lady is a luxury silicone sex doll brand that debuted in 2023. Within a few months, it had gained significant attention and is still growing in popularity. Customers are clamoring for the chance to experience the doll for themselves. Real Lady Love dolls are made with exacting detail, from their body proportions, to the materials and skeleton that make them up, as well as the replicated skin. This realism is designed to create an emotional bond between the product and the customer, almost like a real person. At this event, we will have several models of 170cm Real Lady realistic love dolls for attendees to observe in person.

Our brand matrix has been carefully nurtured over the years to meet the distinct desires of various customers in aesthetics and companionship. The Irontech Doll, Sigafun, and Real Lady brands are renowned for comprehensive solutions, market savvy, and focused product categories. Thanks to our pioneering research and development, along with patented inventions, the comfort, realism, and experiential nature of the dolls have been improved over a wide variety of products. This synergy propels the further advancement of our company's technology.

Come join us at booth A6, 1st floor of Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center, Pazhou, Guangzhou to witness the masterful workmanship we are known for. Our intricate and precise product details are works of art, and you will be amazed at what you see. We guarantee satisfaction, so pay us a visit and experience the quality for yourself.

From November 3rd to November 5th, see you there!


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